Saturday, May 2, 2009


My inspiration for this shirt was from the following by user pOre where she used a cassette tape to make a stamp on fabric. I am a VHS tape junkie, I used a VHS tape for mine instead. Items used
  • T-shirt fabric shirt (I used a long sleeve mock turtleneck)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Large plastic envelope mailer (to put between the front and back layer of the shirt to prevent bleed through of the paint.

Slather the paint directly on the back of the video tape.

Note: For this project, I have found that acrylic paint worked better than fabric paint as it was easier to smooth on the cassette.

Also, the colors you use will turn out different on the completed project than on the bottle depending on the color of shirt you use.

The colors that I used were white for top (it looks like light blue), gold for the center.

The third imprint ended up being a combination of khaki green and metallic silver acrylic paint and violet glitter fabric paint. I used a shade of khaki green for the bottom, but it was too faint on the dark fabric. I then tried violet glitter fabric paint and it was globby in some places and non-existant in others. I then put a layer of metallic silver over the top. It turned out funkier than I had planned, but this is my first attempt at such a project.

Immediately press the cassette where you would like on the shirt paint side down, then press and lift up and repeat until you have the number of imprints that you want. For my shirt I made the top and the bottom prints horizontal and the center one vertical.

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