Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stoned Picture Frame

These are based on a tutorial over at  Ruffles and Stuff for "Easy Fancy Pants Frames" and we made them previously  here.   They are inexpensive and very easy to make and add panache to a plain frame.

The only thing that is a bit different is I didn't find a frame in pink at the dollar store and used some hot pink spray paint I had on hand.   

  •  Picture frame (with an edge wide enough to hold the stone you are going to glue on
  • Small clear decorative stones
  • Amazing Goop or other strong, clear glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Newspapers

- Put down newspapers

-Spray the frame with paint, allow to dry

-Check for missed spots, spray again, allow to dry

- Position stones on frame then glue down.

-Leave frame flat until glue is dry.

- Place picture in frame and it is ready for gift-giving.

The photo was Walgreens using their free software to create a collage and you can select up to 20 photos for the collage, but I only used 10 for the above.  I ordered it during a promotion and it was free, but the code has now expired.  From time to time they do offer this special and it usually posted on their photo home page.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spiderweb Candle

This is just a "Better Homes and Gardens" candle that I purchased at Walmart for $4.98.   It is a light green color and the scent is "Chocolate Peppermint Truffles".

I peel the label off and started by drawing a rough polygon shape in the center, draw lines out from it the go around the polygon in small increments to larger increments all the way around.  I used a Porcelaine 150 fine tip ceramic paint marker on it as it is what I had on hand.

I like the idea because it does look eerie in a dark room, but perhaps a black sharpie or acrylic paint might work better and give you better control.   I might try this next with glow in the dark paint instead.   The Porcelaine paint marker is to be used specifically on glass but I have always gotten splotchy results with it even though this is a fine tip marker.