Thursday, May 7, 2009


I participated in "Make Something Cool Every Day" a/k/a MSCE, that hosted in April. While I wasn't able to make something cool on the days that I work (I'm gone 13 hrs the days I do work and have about 10 hrs to eat/sleep and do it all over again between shifts, but thankful I have a job right now). I did end up making 31 items during the month of April. Here is a list. 1. QUICK & EASY QUESO 2. FUN FABRIC FLOWER FACINATOR 3. EASTER EGG SEEDS 4. DIY FABRIC BUTTONS FROM SCRAPS & TRASH 5. Sketchy Portrait 6. DIY Double Boiler 7. RADIOACTIVE EASTER PEEPS 8. SUNFLOWER FACINATOR 9. Easter Bunny "Carrots" 10. DIVA DESIGNER EGG - EMPORIO ARMANI 11. DIVA DESIGNER EASTER EGG - LACOSTE 12. POP BOXES EASTER BASKET 13. BUNNY TAILS 14. EASTER EGG PRESENT WRAP 15. DRAGON BREATH SLAYERS 16. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS FAUX STENCILLED NOTEBOOK 17. CHERRY FLUFF 18. CHERRY CHEESECAKE LITE WHIP 19. Christmas ornament to ornamental pin 20. LEMON COCONUT BREAD 21. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS GRANNY PANTIES 22. Cinnamon Banana Nut Muffins and Midget Bread 23. Faux Thin Mints out of Ritz Crackers 24. Earth Mosaic Project Pictures 25. GLOW IN THE DARK UFO 26. Jellyfish Panties 27. MS. PACMAN BOOKMARK 28. PITCH BLACK GLOW-IN-THE-DARK NOTEBOOK 29. DATE PUDDING 30. NEMO FROM A PLASTIC EASTER EGG 31. MEXICAN CILANTRO AND LIME RICE All the items were fairly quick and easy to make and it was a fun challenge to try to come up with something for nearly every day. It was also fun to visit the blogs of the others that were participating and see what they had crafted. So many talented and creative people out there! My favorite one it the Glow in the Dark UFO (it ended up being featured as a Kids craft at "One Pretty Thing - the first time I have ever been featured there), but probably the biggest triumph was the date pudding, which is something my Grandmother and Mom made for special occassionsthat I have never attempted to make for myself - it is the first time I had any since my Mom passed away 8 1/2 years ago and it turned out great. I posted it out at Cut Out And Keep and it ended up being a featured item, which is a first for me. I really have to credit participating at MSCE for challenging me to create something cool everyday! I visited over there today and saw that she is asking for recap posts (which is why I created this one) and asking if people want to do it again in May. I am a little behind as I haven't crafted every day this month, but sounds like fun and I am game! Here is the link if you would like to participate also:

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