Thursday, May 7, 2009


(Picture with the lights off and spaceship light on) My inspiration for this project was Heather of Dollar Store Crafts creation: except I made mine is a nite lite with a mini touch light from the Dollar Tree, made Shaun The Sheep to be abducted by aliens and my space ship is removeable and can "fly" off on its own (picked up by the string). While Shaun the Sheep is larger than the ship and it doesn't seem like it would be possible for the UFO to abduct him, keep in mind it is alien advanced technology at work here. The components for this are:

Trim the edge off the outside of the covering off of the mini-touch light.

Apply glue to the bottom of the glass then place the plastic off of the mini touch light upside down on it like so:

Put a 12 oz can of soda or other soft drink (I guess you could use a beer if you were so inclined) on inside the top off the mini-touch light and allow the glue to dry. Put the lid on the felt and use a pen to trace around the circumference, then cut out the felt where you traced. Turn the lid upside down, apply glue and then place the felt in the center and smooth it down. Place Shaun or whatever critter that is to be considered for abduction in the center of the lid, then place the glass over the top of them and put the spaceship inside the the top off of the mini-touch light and you have yourself an Alien Abduction Nite Lite! I entered this in Instructable's Mother's Day contest just for the fun of it. ALIEN ABDUCTION NITE LITE - More DIY How To Projects

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