Sunday, May 10, 2009


My inspiration for this project is one posted by Cat Morely at CO+Keep as I liked out it looked.
This flower will be one of many that I will use to decorate a rather plain green reuseable shopping bag that I got from Walgreen on Earth Day for free and it a practice run. It is just three different felt shapes graduated in size glued together with a butterfly charm glued to the center.
As I did it over my lunch hour at work, I had to go my memory of the shapes and missed the mark on the yellow part of this flower, but just makes it a little different.
The right side larger petal turned out a little wonky (the scissors I grabbed to put in my purse must be the ones my son uses to cut up magazines as they are really too dull to cut fabric) but is is fine as I plan on putting a lot of different types of flower shapes on the bag and will just cover that edge with another flower.
As the felt pieces are scrap, my only cost was the charm which was in a pkg with 1 other charm on clearance for 10 cents.

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