Monday, September 26, 2011


One of the blogs that I follow, Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~ posted the link below for a download of the above book Modern Pattern Design: The Complete Guide to the Creation of Patterns as a Means of Designing Smart Wearing Apparel,  by Harriet Pepin (1942).

In looking over the download, it is very comprehensive and even though it is from 1942 and would be great for vintage sewing, but it is not limited to that as many of the techniques could be incorporated into a project to give it a modern look.

For the link to the free download, please visit:
Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style

EDIT:  7/31/12 - link now appears to be dead, but I did find an online version at  Vintage Sewing Info and one from a Spanish blog here, although the text is in English.

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  1. well i know this is beside the point, but i love the graphics!