Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I first saw this over at Cut Out and Keep by user Janessa M. and knew decide I wanted to try to for my Walmart tote upgrade project I am working on.
The tutorial on how to make this is at:
For this "flower" I cut and 3x3 in. square of fabric, folded diagonally into a triangle and basted the raw edges then pulled the thread taught to make a petal, then did the same thing 4 more times, then sewed the petals together.
For the center, I took a scrap of fleece and cut it into a 2 in circle then basted 1 inch in and pulled it slightly to give it more dimension in the center, then hand stitched it to the petals.
The first attempt was a little rough, but I plant on making more. This was fun and easy and something I can do while on break at work or watching television as it all hand sewn.

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