Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is from a food blog that I follow, Baking Bites and it is fun and easy treat to make and great for an after school snack.

 As I am participating in the Countdown to Halloween, I have posted the how-to over at my other blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laced Up Chignon - As Seen on Rodarte’s Fall 2009 Runway Shows

Chignon's and buns were featured in Rodarte’s Fall 2009 Collection

Instead of wrapping with with thread, I used the tutorial for "Elegant Prom Hair" at Girly Do's By Jenn

To achieve this look you need:
  • Medium to long hair
  • 8-12 Small elastic bands (I used ones by Scunci)
  • Comb or brush
  • Bobby pins
  • A friend to assist (optional) or large mirror and a smaller mirror
  • Hairspray
Instead of wrapping with with thread, I used the tutorial for "Elegant Prom Hair" at Girly Do's By Jenn and it has step-by step pictures that are easy to follow.

You can do this on your own, but it would be much easier if you have an extra pair of hands and eyes or you will have to keep using a mirror to keep checking it to see how it looks before progressing.

1.  Brush hair back into a ponytail and secure it with elastic (I centered it in the back of my head, but you could place it anywhere you like.

2.  Separate the pony tail into two to four sections (I only separated into top and bottom strands) and secure those strands with elastic.

3.  Separate each of the sectioned pieces in half again and join it to the piece that is adjacent to it in the other sectioned off strand and secure those with a piece of elastic.  Continue with remaining pieces of sectioned hair.

4.  Tuck ends under and secure with bobby pins.

5.  Lightly spray the entire head with hairspray.

Friday, October 2, 2009


During the month of October I am going to be participating in "Countdown to Halloween" and will posting Halloween related items on my other blog. Here is the link to "Countdown to Halloween" Happy Halloween!