Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have seen panties in the store similar to this start at about $12, these cost under $2 to make. The inspiration for these panties is from the picture at Wikipedia. I did it freehand by looking at the picture and didn't have several of the colors so it is an "artist's interpretation" of the game. It was a fun project because since it is just underwear, I didn't have the pressure of it being perfect and just improvised as I went along. At some point I want to do a t-shirt, but think I will try to make a stencil. On the back of the undies it has "Ms. Pac Man" in Violet glitter fabric paint, a game board in the middle with Ms. Pack Man on the left and a red ghost, both which were touched up with acrylic paint because it looked too blotchy, and on the right and 'walka..walka..walka" below. On the front of the panties I wrote "Game Over " in glow-in-the dark paint. Items used:
  • 1 pair of black panties
  • Fabric paints
  • Yellow and red acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush

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