Sunday, July 12, 2009


Flirty, fun fringe necklace - imagine how fun this would be to wear when going dancing!
This awesome concept is by Maegan over at "love Maegen", except I added a few beads to mine.
Items used for this project:
  • Top of an old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Beads with a wide opening (pony beads would work well)
This took me 10 minutes to make and did not cost me anything as I had everything on hand.
Start with at t-shirt - I used what I had left over from my no-sew skirt.

Cut around the neckline in back until you reach the shoulders, then cut across and cut off sleeves. This is what it looked like when I did that:
I then trimmed the t-shirt into a curved shape like so.
I then made cuts into the fabric all the way around. It makes a fun look if you stop here, but I picked a few strands and added beads off of an broken necklace and tied a knot to secure them.

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  1. The beads look great! Really give it a more flirty look! ;o)