Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dill Plant - Pruning and Drying

As I use dill in a lot of my cooking, I decided to buy a dill plant to save money. As I had never dealt with herbs before, I searched the web, but didn't find a lot of information so I ended up asking an expert at Allexperts. com, Leroy J. Wilton, who has grown herbs for over 25 years and below is a link to his response.
He advised that regular dill sometimes can go to seed quickly, so cut 1/3 at a time off of the top.
What you don't use right away, you can dry out for storing by placing in paper bag with holes on sides, then hang in an airy area & shake for a couple of minutes twice weekly.
I used a clothespin to hold the dill to the top of the bag, but you could also use a chip clip.
When it is completely dried out shake out the dill out of the bag onto a plate and take out the larger stems, then put the dill in a glass container and store out of direct sunlight.

Items needed:

  • Dill plant
  • Garden shears or heavy duty scissors or kitchen shears
  • Small paper bag (I used a brown paper lunch bag)
  • Clothespin(s) or chip clip
  • Glass container

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