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***Still Under Construction***
My name is Kathryn and welcome to my blog.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures, but currently work full time in billing at a company.

I like to craft and sew and occasionally cook and bake and love to share my creations.  I read a lot of other peoples blogs and get inspiration from them; there is always over 1000 items in my Google Reader backlog.  I also try to always credit where an idea  came fromor link if it is a tutorial.

Some creations are original, some are a version of something I have seen elsewhere. The internet is a wonderful place to get and share ideas.

As I am on a tight budget I do a lot of upcycling/recycling in my crafting and always on the look out for deals and share the better ones that I find.

Above is a collage of pictures of me over the past few years.  My hair has been about every human color there is, but currently is dark brown.

I am a divorced single mom to a teen son, Kyle, who still lives at home but is going to college for a certificate in auto body repair and painting.  Some times I will share things he has made or personal stories about him (because he doesn't read my blog).   I only see him much these days when he is hungry or needs gas money.

 Thank you for stopping by, feel free to browse and make yourself at home.  If anyone ever makes a version of what I have made, a version of my version or you have any thoughts on anything I have posted would love to hear your feedback in my comments.

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