Monday, June 8, 2009


This craft was created for Sherry at Family Crafts challenge on what to make with a lonely glove that had lost its mate and I am proud that it has been featured on her site:

When my son was little he had a whole collection of "glove puppets" that he enjoyed playing with (although is favorite was mosquito that he nicknamed "Nipper"). I was pressed for time, so I made this simple project to demonstrate what you can make with a lonely glove.

Items used:

  • 1 glove
  • Scraps of fabric or felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Fiberfill (optional, can use scraps of fabric)
  • Piece of scrap cardboard
  • Fabric paints
  • Lid off a margarine tub

To make the head, I used the lid of a small tub or margarine to cut out a circle.

I then ran a basting stitch all the way around the edge, then gathered it up slightly and stuffed it with fabric scraps and finished gathering it up until there was only about 1/2 inch gap. (I did mine on the sewing machine, but you could hand baste instead). To prep the glove prior to hand-stictching the head on, a piece of cardboard was inserted so as not to stitch through to the bottom layer by accident. Position the head just above where the fingers meet the body of the glove on the top and hand-stitch the head down.

He was then painted with lavender fabric paint dots (one side at a time then allowed to dry) and then the circles were outlined with blue glitter fabric paint, then a face was drawn on with black, white and red fabric paint (but you could use any colors you wanted).

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