Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CRAFT FAIL - Cursed Tribal Easter Egg Necklace

While it seems mild mannered enough hanging on the picture of my sweet baby when he as six months old, it is deceptive. It twists, it turns, it convergences with other parts and knots itself with every step - it is cursed! I got the inspiration for the necklace at the above post as it turned out very lovely. http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=303494.0 It started out well enough with some innocent decorated plastic Easter Eggs. I used craft scissors to cut the plastic into pieces and laid out how I wanted the finished necklace to look. I then had my son drill holes in the top of the pieces I then put jump rings on each of the pieces. If I had stuck to the original idea and used a chain to attach the pieces, all would have probably gone well, but I saw the lovely orange pre-beaded ribbon at the dollar store and thought I could make mine even more exotic if I used the ribbon and I attached the pieces around the ribbon and right away ran into difficulties with the rings sliding over the pre-beaded beads and getting knotted. Not to give up easily, I decided to attache the jump rings in the center of the ribbon between the beads and while making them, it seemed to work out ok.

The problem came when I actually tried to wear the necklace, because as there was movement, there were problems. Worse yet, I wear a clip on badge to work and it got ensnare and entangled in that and then plastic pieces started digging in where the seatbelt was. It was not so pretty by the time I finally got it off. I think this will have to join my "Zonked Zebra" as some sort of decoration on a box that it can be glued down to or just cannibalize it for parts.

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