Thursday, June 4, 2009


This was based on a tutortial by at CO+K by Lady Llanalla that produced a very realistic looking lemon slice.
This is only my second attempt at making felt food and I don't know if it was because I used fleece instead of felt for the yellow parts, if the rind band was too wide or if it because I partly machine sew and partly hand stitched it, but it didn't turn out to look like a lemon slice.
Guesses when I asked if they knew what it was were: A moon pie, an inside out moon pie, a cookie, a mini-cake, a piece of dough and "something edible -is it? Can I have it?". Only my son ventured to guess - is that the lemon slice that you showed me you were going to make?
The upside is it is my for great-niece for Christmas and she will not be quite 2 then and it can be whatever she wants it to be. Either that or she is going to think all lemon slices should be a least a inch or more thick.

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  1. LOL "craft fail" I love it. Lemon slice, moon pie whatever it's cute and cute doesn't need a reason! I gave up on felt food the only things that ever came out right for me were the kits from The Popcorn tree. I think the pre-cut pieces were what saved that from becoming another "craft fail". But if your still into it you should seriously check out the kits actually came together perfectly and for me that's saying something!