Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fimo Hair Sticks

These were inspired by Fimo Hair Stick made by opposites-girl over at Cut Out And Keep. Other users who had made these said that the sticks slipped, so I used my fingernail to put grooves into one side before baking so they will stay in my hair. The cost was probably around 50 cents for two sticks because I had the safety pin and beads already. Fimo Clay - $1.29 (I used less than 1/3 of the block to make these) Saftey Pins - on hand Beads - on hand
I noticed in the rear view mirror they sort of looked like little safety pin devil horns bouncing around of my head. They also did not roll out to be as uniform as I had hopes and it turned out I bought "soft" Fimo instead of regular and they are a little to pliant even after baking.
I may wear them on occassion (like around the house or to the store) but overall, not happy with the outcome.

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