Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This was my first attempt and converting a sweatshirt to a pullover hoodie. I started with a plain black sweatshirt and cut off the ribbing at the neckline, sleeves and bottom.
I then used my son's hooded sweatshirt to make a "pattern" for the hood and the kangaroo pocket in front and used a Norman Rockwell "Freedom of Worship" flannel fabric that I bought at Hancock Fabrics for $1 yd.
While some parts of it turned out well, like the neckline:
and the hood,
others did not, specifically the kangaroo pocket.
It is uneven on the sides, is crooked and I tried the starburst stitch on my sewing machine and it was inconsistent depending on the bulk of the fabric - in some areas it is heavy and in other areas sparse.
I had planned on adding matching fabric to the bottom of the sleeve, but as it didn't turn out how I wanted I scratched that idea and just wear it as an around the house shirt. Even though it is ugly it is very warm and comfortable and my new fav around the house sweatshirt, so not it was not a total bust.

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