Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Total Cost: $0 - All are items that I already had on hand. If I would have had to purchase the beads I probably would have either gotten them at the Dollar store for $1 or a large package at Walmart for around $2. I posted the How-To out at Instructables: It turned out a little off kilter at the bottom because the pair of scissors I had with me (I did the cutting at bottom on over my lunch hour at work and grabbed my paper scissors by accident) weren't really sharp enough and it got harder and harder to cut up as far as I should have. This is a project I am sure I will do again in the future sometime as tank tops are surprizingly sturdy and carry a lot more than you would think just to look at them. I previously converted a tank top to a tote bag turning it inside out and sewing the bottom shut and would carry a 12 pack of pop, my lunch and crafting stuff in it. This will be used more for going to the library or if I shop at Aldi's (a no-frills market - you have to supply your own bags or boxes or pay for them).

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