Saturday, February 7, 2009


TOTAL COST: Under 50cents TOTAL TIME: 15 MINS This in my first ever attempt at re-vamping a headband. I bought 1/8th of yard of the hearts fabric a week or so ago with this project in mind. The fabric was $2.44/yd. so with tax worked out to be about .35 cents and I still have enough left to make other small project like hair ribbons or scrunchies. I have found that people the cut fabric are very curious about what you are going to make when you request less than a yard of fabric. In this case I was glad I had an idea and ready answer because sometime the real reason is I like the fabric but I am on a tight budget and I will just have to figure out what I am going to use it for later. I chose this fabric as I wanted something for Valentine's Day, but also something that I could wear year round without looking it was just for Valentine's Day - this fabric was perfect as it has hearts but some of them are black, so it has a touch of goth. I had an old headband that was in good condition except the white was looking a little more like grey even after an attempt at washing it. I stripped of the black felt strip that was down the middle the underside of the headband then hot glue gunned the fabric to the headband then re-glued the felt strip. It turned out ok and I will wear it, but there are a few little puckers that no matter how much I pulled and glued and burned my fingers, it would just not go straight. When I try this project again, I will cut the fabric wider and cut little notches in it so it will go over the curves better.

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