Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Simple and free way to make a guitar picks made by upcycling an old plastic gift cards. Materials needed: - Guitar pick - Used plastic gift cards (I used an old Walmart one) - Card stock (I used an magazine insert) to make the pattern - Ink pen or pencil (to draw around the guitar pick) - Sharpie or other marker - Kitchen scissors or other heavy duty scissors (I bought my pair from the dollar store) - Scotch tape - optional Start with a standard guitar pick - it will be used to make a template. Put the guitar pick on card stock and draw around it to make a template then cut out the shape with the kitchen scissors.  Put the template on the gift card and use a Sharpie or other marker to draw around the template on the card. I was able to get 4 picks from this card.
You can use tape and tape it on then cut around the template (tape is made it a circle around index finger then used to stick the back of the template to the card).
Cut around the markings or the template taped the card and you have yourself a new guitar pick!

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  1. Saw this on Roadkill Rescue, and very cute! I had an ex that used to do that. But did you know they make a puncher for picks now? WAY easier:

    - Angela Marie @