Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another to-do project: Copycat of Marc Jacobs tassel earrings

Here is another to-do project that I have been meaning to get around to and still haven't yet. I saw the how-to on Carbon Couture's website. It is a pair of copy cat of Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 collection earrings. I saw these a few weeks ago on this site and even have bought several of the components to make them, but just still scrounging around for the rest of them. The earrings on the left are from the Marc Jacobs collection and the earrings on the right are the knock offs.
  • I didn't find tassels, but at Walmart I found some black fringe and bought an 1/8th of a yard for under 45 cents.
  • I found 100 gold saftey pins at Dollar Tree for $1
  • Gold bead cap for the top of the earrings on clearance at Hancock Fabric for 20cents
  • 100 silver beads off of Ebay for $1.47 (will use them instead of the small black beads)
  • Clear beads of an old dollar store watch

Now just need some small gold bead, ear post and gold head pin. My goal is to keep this project under $3 for the earrings, so I am likely to scrounging a bit more.

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