Monday, February 16, 2009


If you love mythical beasts and medieval memorabilia this is the craft for you!

I made these for my son and will put candy in them for Easter and they can be used as desk or shelf decoration after that. This project was inspired by the link below at Instructables by KaptinScarlet.

These are the basic materials, but I also used red paint and glitter fabric paint that was not in the picture.

As I had everything on hand except the eggs, my only cost was the eggs and they had them 30% off at JoAnn fabrics so they only cost 69 cents for 6 eggs; therefore my cost was less than 15 cents per egg. If you had to buy everything from scratch from the Dollar Store and/or a craft store, you could still get by with spending around $5-7 and you would still have a lot of paint, the glue gun and glue sticks when you are done.

The eggs that I used are a little larger than standard Easter Eggs, but you could also get standard ones from the dollar store and would get more eggs.

Each egg takes about 1 glue stick and even though I used 3-4 coats of paint, it did not really take much, so I estimate the cost to be less than 15 cents per egg.

Take the hot glue gun and draw a design on the egg and do the top and bottom sections separately.

At the top on this one I used tear drop oval sort of shapes.

On th bottom I just zig zagged and squiggled and then connected some of those shapes.

I mixed the green and gold paint and painted the bottom of the eggs, then let that dry the paint the top of the eggs.
I put another coat on again doing the same thing (see the bottom of the egg at the side) and although they look old and molted and probably more authentic that way, I didn't feel they were pretty enough for Easter, so I mixed red and gold paint and painted them.

For the final coat I didn't mix the paint, I just swirled it once and then painted the egg for a more mottled appearance.

Here are some of the finished eggs.

The one on the left I left more greenish and only painted with a bit of the green and the gold and I also used a swirl pattern on the top instead of a tear drop oval.
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Here are dragon creations made by others at CO+K. It is so fun to see how everyone makes their own unique versions!
I love the colors on this set by Twinkle_Toes - they look very regal.


  1. These are very cool! I think I have pretty much everything (except the eggs) on hand - could be a fun project with ds! :)

  2. I have to make these! They are so awesome. Your jigglypuff header is super cute too. Yeah, we're nerds over here!

  3. I have three boys and they are going to love these! I'm going to go get everything to make them this week. Thanks for the GREAT idea.