Monday, February 2, 2009


This project is based on the following tutorial and pattern by Cat Morely at Cut And Keep.
I love the concept and he turned out ok, but I will have to classify this as a practice run as I plan to make one for my co-worker that is a sushi addict and one for my son. The fish took longer to make than I thought it would with all of the hand sewing - about an hour.
This is a good project to use of scraps and project recommended using felt and that might have worked out better as I used scraps from my stash and although the gold colored woven fabric is great for the fish, the fabric frays easily and I would not use it again.
I do think felt is best to use for the bottom and top circle and the fins. I also think I will try to machine sew as much of it as I can instead of hand-sewing the entire thing to save time.
The tutorial recommends gluing on googly eyes but I used regular googly eyes and pricked two holes in the back and then sewed them on with white thread so they will be more durable when transitioning the fish to sushi and back.
I would recommend using some sort of knit for the body as it would make the transition from fish to sushi much easier. I really had to struggle to switch it back and forth and I know my son would never have the patience to flip it back and forth unless it easy.
I will probably also blow up the pattern and make it bigger for the one I make for my son, but for my co-worker the size it is would be perfect for her to sit on top of her computer.

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