Sunday, April 5, 2009


I had originally planned to make something more elaborate, but working full time and my ex still recovering from surgery and staying with us until he recouperates, I ran out of time. This quick and simple last minute project is a melding of old ideas with new technology and will go with a red dress that I have that has obnoxiously large cheery red flowers on it. The tutorial for the button in the center is based on the following, except I used a plastic ring off of a soda bottle instead of a plastic ring. I made the button using the plastic ring off of a plastic soda bottle and then cut a yellow scrap of fabric in a circle and hand stitched around the edges the pulled the string (like you do when you are making a fabric yo-yo) and then hand stitched just inside the inner edge all the way around the inside of the button then stitch up the button's back. To make the facinator flower, I used a scrap of red glitter nylon net about 6-8 inches wide and folded it into 8 inch squares, then sewed the button on the middle, then cut the petal into the flower, then I hand stithced the button to the fabric. I then used a hot glue gun to hot gule the flower to a hair clip.

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