Saturday, April 18, 2009


I bought a package of granny panties on clearance at Walmart and decided to try to jazz them up and make them less granny like. On this one, I used a stencil of Edward Scissorhands from this site:
(NOTE: Ask the creator permission prior to using this stencil and let her know you are wanting it for personal use)
Items used:
1 pr. panties (approx $1)
2 printouts of Edward Scissorhands stencil (.10 cents)
Black Fabric Paint
Black Glitter Fabric Paint
I cut the picture out then laid it on the panties, then painted with black paint. I then removed it and tried to fix the face and painted "Edward Scissorhands" above the stencil in black glitter paint and scissor hands over the wording.
My son the creation on the table and said it looked more liked a goth Ronald McDonald than Edward Scissorhands; even so, better than plain granny panties.
As the details on the face are very fine, I would suggest not cutting out that area completely and after stenciling the rest of the body and removing the stencil, use another picture to look at and fill in the fine facial details without the stencil.

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