Saturday, April 25, 2009


I made this for as part Eggcellent Upcycling competition that starts May 1st at Craftster where you make something creative out of plastic Easter Eggs. This is one of the few craft projects my son thinks is cool and it has now taken up residence in our bathroom as it hangs on light fixture in there because you can close the door and turn off the lights and it glows.
For this project I used:
  • Top of plastic Easter Egg
  • Tealight battery operated candle from the Dollar store
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Cardboard (I used cardboard from a 24 pack of soda pop)
  • 2 old CDs
  • Glue Gun and glue
  • Craft glue
  • Heavy Duty Scissors (I used Kitchen Scissors from the Dollar store)
  • Thumbtack
  • Crochet thread
  • Glow In the Dark acrylic paint

As I had all of the items on hand already, it did not cost me anything out of pocket to make.

Use craft glue to glue the two CDs together with the shiny side of each disc facing away from each other (if you have CDs with writing on the top you would glue the sides with writing together) Draw a circle on cardboard using the plastic egg, drawing around the egg and then about an inch out from the edge all the way around and then cut out the circles and put it on the egg flush against the edge.

Use the hot glue gun to glue all around the edge of the egg on at the top to glue the cardboard securely to the egg.
I then cut a length of crochet thread about 24 inches long and thread it through the battery case of the tealight, centering the thread and then tied a loose knot. You then put hot glue all around the top of the tealight (around the flame, but not on it) and put the flame through the hole in the CD and turn it upside down and firmly press the CDs in place and let dry.
Next make a hole in the top of the egg using a thumbtack and work it around so the hole is big enough that the thread can be pulled through it.
Thread the crochet thread through the hole (note - this picture is to show as an example and is from another project, the thread for this project will have the tealight/CD attached)
Cover the egg with aluminum foil (poke a hole in the center and thread the crochet thread through first and then glue it around the edges inside on the underneath side.
Paint the top and the bottom of the disc with glow in the dark paint - I used several coats and at least and hour between coats and painted each side separately. To turn the tealight, you just lift the top of the egg up and flip the switch.
I posted the How-To at Cut Out And Keep and this was featured on 4/27/09 for Kids Craft Roundup

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