Sunday, April 12, 2009


I wanted to make something unique for my son for Easter and money is tight, so tried to be creative. This could be used for a dragon or medieval enthusiast or maybe even a Harry Potter fan.
This is just a box of Altoids with a picture of a dragon and the word "Dragon Breath Slayers" glued to the top of the tin. You could probably get more professional looking results if you used a paint program to color in the dragon if you have access to a color printer, or use markers instead of crayons.
The cute dragon is a scaled down coloring page from the following site:
Items used
.99 Altoids (on sale)
.05 Printing (cost per page at library)
.00 Glue stick (on hand)
.00 Scissors (on hand)
.00 Crayons (to color picture - on hand)
1.04 Total cost
Time to make: 5 mins

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