Monday, March 23, 2009


This is a retro flashback as I haven't had time to craft lately with Kyle's Dad being in the hospital and working and running around to let the dog out twice a day at his house.
I found this when I putting away laundry at Marv's house, it is t-shirt that I did for Kyle's Grandpa's first Father's Day (he has since passed away and the shirt was given to Marv as a keepsake - it may ended up being crafted into a pillow or a panel of a quilt).
To make it, I put chocolate pudding on Kyle's hand then pressed his hand against a paper plate (after several attempts) to make a template, then I filled in fabric paint where the pudding was on the template and pressed the template against the fabric to make the "handprints" on the back of the shirt. I then used fabric paint to write Kyle's name, age, height and weight, along with Father's Day 1994. I used a letter stencil and red fabric paint to stencil in "Kyle's Grandpa" on the front.

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