Monday, March 9, 2009

"Broken Heart" Thumbprint Keyring

I made this as a key ring for my son and the idea was to make it more masculine by adding the barb wire it, but it still came out a little too girly for him to be caught ever using so it will end up being a spare key holder.
This project is a cross between this project and the Barb Wire necklace here:
and my tutorial on the Heart Thumbprint necklace here: I used Sculpey clay to shape the heart and it is intentionally mis-shapened with imperfections and gouges to symbolized a broken heart.
I then took a piece of jewelry wire and wrapped little pieces of wire around that wire to make the barbs, then pressed it into the heart, used a small straw to make the hold for the string, then baked it for 15 mins.
I then used silver elastic thread and strung it through the hole, added a paper bead, then tied it to the heart shaped keyring blank.

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