Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Barbed Heart Necklace

I made this for my niece, Trina's, 17th birthday and I hope she likes it. It is a cross between my Thumbprint Heart Necklace
(as it is made by the same method and same materials as I had plenty left over from that project, except that I did not put a thumbprint in it) and the barb wire heart necklace by Cat Morley at CO+K
(added the barbed wire across the center).

I purchased the metal necklace cord with the bale at Walmart for around $3 (as it is for a present and I don't have experience putting together such things, I wanted to get something that would look nice) but attached it with silver elastic cording by tying it in knots (to keep with the barbed wire theme) from the heart then tied about 6 knots, threaded the cord through the bale, tied two more knots then cut off the excess.

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  1. That is cool! A little edgy and rebellious - unlike most Valentines hearts! I like it!