Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fleece Fish to Sushi Plushie - with reluctance to becoming Sushi

This is another attempt at the Fish to Sushi Plushie posted by Cat Morely at Cut Out and Keep. On this attempt, I used fleece for the main body and the fins but still used felt for the bottom and ring for the top of the sushi, the same black and green fabric that I used on the last one and I made this one bigger and used extra large googly eyes on it. It looks ok but not gift worthy. Also, I did most of the sewing by machine instead of hand sewing and it did go faster, but is was harder to control stitching on the curves at the mouth of the fish and I wish I had used fleece instead of felt on the white parts and not cut the whole in the center as wide as I did. I also overstuffed the tail and when I tried stuffing the fish to make the sushi part it looks sort of wonky and although with it being large it was easier to work with when sewing, it just doesn't look right when it is turned into sushi.

I did prefer the fleece to felt as it has more give an stretch and the end result looks much more crisp and clean than the felt.

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