Saturday, June 16, 2012

Graduation Collage

Today is Day 16 for 30 Days of Creativity and the theme is bees, but as it is my son's graduation weekend so I chose to make a photo collage using  free collage software available at Photovisi

Unfortunately, between bad lighting, poor seating, a failing camera and a kid that didn't want his photo taken, these represent the best pictures I was able get of Kyle's graduation on Friday evening. 

Kyle had to be there an hour prior to graduation and his Dad, my ex-husband,  and I went a little before and we had to sit in the handicapped section on the floor behind the graduates due to his Dad being on oxygen and not able to climb stairs.  From our vantage point we ended up watching most of the ceremony from the monitors they had in the center of the auditorium.

For having such as large graduating class, it went rather quickly and smoothly and it was over in an around an hour and a half.  The principal did request everyone show respect for the graduates, as today was all about them, he asked viewers not to hoot and holler and make a spectacle of themselves and draw attention away from the graduates, but of course there were rude people that did.

The picture on the left is of him walking down our pathway for the last time as a non-graduate with a borrowed cap, gown and black shoes (thanks to his friend Cyler).  The bottom center is of him walking into the auditorium, the top center is and overhead shot on the monitor of his graduating class and the right hand side is of him getting his diploma.

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