Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review of 99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-shirt Into Something Special by Justina and Faith Blakeney

99 Ways To Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-shirt Into Something Special 
By Justina and Faith Blakeney

Overall, it excellent as an inspiration book to jumpstart creativity with its think outside-the-box methods of transforming a single t-shirt into a garment.   There are ideas in the book that I had never have seen before or even thought to do and made me look at t-shirts in a new way.

While they do an excellent job of coming up with original designs using just one t-shirt; however, using just the lone t-shirt is also a pitfall because it doesn't give you much fabric to work with.   If you are the least bit overweight or very well endowed, I estimate that there are less than 5 where the end result that would look presentable and one of those is tote bag.  Those that aren't skimpy are altered to be very form fitting and would accentuate things you would rather not bring attention to.  That doesn't mean you can use the ideas to build and create your own unique design using the ideas as a base - it just means you will have to wing it on the execution of what you decide to add.

If you are looking for inspirations just beyond the standard adding an applique or ruffle to a T-shirt or looking for the perfect gift to give a college age fashionista I would recommend reading this book.

Disclosure:  I checked this book out from the public library and I am not receiving anything for writing this review other than expressing my opinion.

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