Sunday, March 28, 2010

Version of "Personalized" Photo Plate - Maxx

This is a version of the that I made for my son for his dog that went to heaven recently.

I purchased the plate at the Dollar Tree and made drew the picture, but it did not "sink" into the plate like the previous one that I had made, maybe due to it being a high gloss finish to begin with???  I tried "curing" the plate in the oven on 250 degrees for a few hours, yet, when it cooled I still could easily scrub off the picture.

I chose to put a clear coat of paint on it and deemed it for "decoration only" to preserve the image and gave my son the option of keeping it as a plate to for decoration in his room or find out if he wanted to include it on the gravesite of his dog...he still has not decided, but what I can say is if you want to make a personalized face plate, chose a plate that does not have a high gloss on it to paint your image.

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