Monday, November 16, 2009

Bejeweled Mini Hair Clips

Turn dollar store mini hair clips from littly girly to glitzy glam with some paint, jewels and glue.
There are several hairstyles that I want to try where I need several small pins or clips, but the only ones that I found were the kind for little girls and in multi-colors which would clash with most of my outfits, so I decide to glam them up to make them more adult and classy looking.

Items used:

  • 1 pkg. mini hair clips

  • Metallic acrylic paint (silver and/or gold)
  • Small plastic Jewels (Dollar Tree, 130 for $1)

  • Foam Paint brush

  • Strong glue (I used Amazing Goop)

I poured paint into a plastic juice can lid and then dipped the brush in until well saturated, then opened up the clip clamp and dabbed the paint on the inside of each clip, then allowed it to dry.

After the inside was dry, I painted the tops, just dabbing them to cover, but not so much as to gum up the the spring, then allowed that to dry.

Then paint the outside of the clips and allow to dry. 

I did this three times for each clip to cover them uniformly.
I picked out the jewels that I wanted to use for each clip, then I put a dab of glue on one side then affixed the jewel to it and allowed it to dry and you are ready to rock and roll with them.


  1. Nice work! Great idea for dressing up little girl clippies! :)

  2. Looks good to me! You could take this idea and run with it!!!