Sunday, July 8, 2012

York Photo - $1 Personalized Tote Bags (+S&H)

York Photo currently has a promotion for personalized tote bags for $1(normally $8.99) if you use coupon code  YORKTOTEAD until 7/30/12 and you can get up to a total of 3 bags at that price.

I purchased a total of 3 and shipping was $7.97 and for the above used templates from the "Browse Our Designs" and uploaded my pictures to add.   My total for 3 bags + Shipping and handling was $10.97; a savings for $23.97.

The first one is unfortunately one of the best picture I could get of my son on  graduation day as he has places to go and people to see and didn't have time (and it is a bit Frankensteinish with the van in the background looking like bolts coming out of his neck) using the Apple background.   I used to be a teenager once and understand how it is - you are so afraid you are going to miss out on something cool with your friends so I just had to snap as what I could as soon as possible.

The second one I used the "Love My Soldier" background and added the picture of my son's Edsel and put the "1959 Edsel" at the top.  I using this one to hold presents my son on his birthday and he can later use it to hold cleaning supplies and rags to keep in his car instead of scattering them all over the living room:)

I ordered one more for a friend with a flamingo design for her birthday, but not going to post it so it won't spoil the surprise   I don't have to worry about my son reading this as he has a much interest in reading my blog as I would reading all the strange text acronyms young people type back and forth to each other like IKD, *$,.!!!!,BTW, URHOT, XME, ZZZ or RUMCYMHMD.   

They also have other offers on their "Specials" page 50% off photo books using the code NEWBOOKS until 7/9/12 and the following good until 7/31/12 and shipping and handling will depend on what you buy,
  • 5x7 Easel Panel for $7.80 using the code 40PANEL
  • Adult T-Shirt for $7.80 using code 40SHIRT
  • A Deck of Cards for $10 using code 50CARD
  • Water Bottle for $10 using code 40BOTTLE
Also, if you are signing up with York Photo for the first time, you also get 40 free prints.
I learned of this coupon at Jessica's Coupons.
Jessica's Coupons

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with York Photo or Jessica's Coupons and have received nothing for this post - just sharing a deal.

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