Monday, July 16, 2012

"Suede Says" Patterns for Simplicity/New Look

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You may remember Suede, with a large personalitywith the bright colored hair who always referred to himself in the third person from Season 5 of "Project Runway".   In addition to having his own clothing line "Suedesays" he also has partnered with Simplicty Creative Group with patterns of his designs that you can make at home.

There is a page on  Simplicty's site  SUEDEsays that show his current pattern offerings.
There are two girls pattern, two men's pattern and several women's patterns.  Each pattern comes with more than one option so you pick what you want to make it your own style.  Although many of the women's dresses a bit short and great if you have a fab pair of gams, he also offers longer dress for those of that don't (or no longer have).  Another good thing with patterns if you want to make it longer, all you have to do is alter the pattern before cutting it out (although my personal standby is to add a ruffle at the bottom).

The pattern that I liked the best is for the jacket on the left - it could go casual with a hood, edgy with the slanted zipper or girly flirty by adding ruffles. 

He even has a sporty tote bag  pattern with a portion of the profits going to Keep a Child Alive. 

 For the more budget conscious, there are also several budget New Look patterns (at the bottom of the page).   One that I really like is 6121 as it has both a short and a long dress along with a little purse. There are not too many piece and it look like it would be easy to make. 

If your current budget is no budget for patterns right now, he even has free instructions for making this Fringed Scarf

Source: Simplicity

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Simplicity Creative Group or SUEDEsay and have received nothing for this post. 

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