Sunday, June 5, 2011

George W. Bush Panties

Today for 30 Days of Creativity the theme "Unibrow".   While Bert of Sesame Street was the first thing that popped into my mind, it seemed too easy and I wanted it be a bit more of a challenge, so I searched "Unibrow" on the internet and found a site called The Unibrow Club and they had a picture of George W. Bush, a former U.S. President, when he was younger sporting a unibrow and I decided to use that picture for my project.  I decided to stick with my upgraded undies again today as it is what I have on hand.

Items used:
  • 1 pair of panties 
  • Printer
  • Iron on transfer paper
  • Black fabric paint
  • Iron 
  • Scissors

I printed off the picture on iron on transfer paper - the unibrow didn't come through as clear as I hoped, but went with it anyway.  Per the instructions ironed the area of the fabric before ironing the photo.

I preheated the iron on the highest setting (with no water added for steam) and ironed on the picture per the instructions and let set for 30 minutes before removing the backing.

I then drew spikes around the photo with black fabric paint and wrote "George W." on the front wrote "Bush".

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