Monday, June 13, 2011

Geeky Chic Einstein Inspired Necklace

This is for Day 13 of 30 Days of Creativity and today's theme is Albert Einstein and decided to make this necklace using the circuit board of an old remote and gold dimensional paint with the obvious "E=mc2" but to the side of that add the elemental symbol, number and atomic weight of Einsteinium, which is name after Albert Einstein and is and artificially produced radioactive element and the 99 of the Periodic table of elements, represented by the letters Es and an atomic weight of 252 then sprayed it with a clear coat.

The black part of the necklace is part of an old keyboard cord from a keyboard I salvaged.

To further represent the Einsteinium I made two beads out of polymer clay using a small straw to make the hole in one and made it big enough on one end for the cord and the shape of the plug on the other bead and a partial hole with a small straw on the other side then baked for 15 minutes, let cool and then painted with red spray paint.  To give it a radioactive effect I used green glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and painted over the red.

I used two headpins and twisted them then put them in the other side of the bead and secured with high strength adhesive.  I added a few jump rings on the the circuit board and then connected them to to head pins.

I used two headpins and bent them to resemble coils to attach to the ends of the circuit board.

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