Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hydrangeas Hair Clip

Make a pretty flower hair clip from scraps!

This is based on a tutorial at where she made Hydrangeas out of felt.  Instead of felt I used scraps of blue cotton and more "petals" on mine.   I used an old hair clip so and a scrap of felt, so the only "new" for this project was the hot glue for the glue gun - other than that, it is an upcycle.

Items used:
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Scrap of felt
  • Scrap of paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Soda Can
  • Hair clip (or a barrette)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Place the soda can on a scrap of paper and draw a circle for a template and cut out.  Place the circle on a scrap of felt, draw around it and cut it out.

Cut out little X/petal shapes (like asideways "X") out of the cotton fabric.  I used about 35 little "X"s for this project and found it easier to fold the fabric over several times and cut out the "X"s freehand as opposed to drawing on the fabric and cutting out individually.

Start around the edges and work inward.  I found it easiest to fold up the X so there is a point at the bottom and dab a bit of the hot glue on the point and place it on the felt so you don't burn your fingers with the hot glue - is you want to push it down to secure it, use a pen or pencil.

Once you have glued down all of the pieces and it is fully covered, apply hot glue to the clip then press the flower on top of the clip.

From the  underside, trim around the edges so none of the felt piece is sticking out but without cutting any of the flower pieces off and it is ready to go!


  1. Very nice! Great to see you again on craft Schooling sunday! and thanks for sharing, I love hydrangeas, don't we all?

  2. very cute! i kind of used to hate hydrangeas (i go through weird phases), but now i love them. they are beautiful!