Sunday, August 1, 2010

Horror Nails - Bloody Hand Prints

 This entry is an entry for your "Horror Nails" Contest at  Lacquer Files "Horror" Nail Art Contest

Items used:

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Topcoat
  • Sinful Colors in Tokyo Pearl (while nail polish)
  • Red Sharpie or red nail polish and very thin brush or toothpick.
Prime nails with Sally Hansen base coat

Use 3 coasts of the Tokyo Pearl or other white nail polish.  Allow to dry completely.

 Use the red Sharpie to draw three vertical dots for each finger and two dots to the side for the thumb. 

Use the red Sharpie to or polish and draw a sort of an upside down half circle from the "thumb" to the "pinkie" then draw a small circle to squarish shape inside that and use short strokes to fill in the area between the outside edge and the small circle.

Seal with the Sally Hansen or other top coat.

Happy Hauntings!

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