Sunday, August 1, 2010

Horror Nails - Stitched Skin

This was an entry into the "Horror Nails" contest and also my first attempt at any sort of nail art. 
It is an entry into Lacquer File "Horror Nails" contest here

The inspiration for it was it reminds me of how my ankle looked after I was in an auto accident - pretty darn gross and horrifying.   I also wanted to give it a bit o'glam, like the many diagonal designs that are popular and combined the two concepts to make it sort of  "Zombie Couture".

I used the following polishes:

Base Coat:                                      Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Topcoat

Background Color:                          Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Polish in "Stone Creme"

Black Lines & Stitches:            Nail Star Two Way Nail Art & Pen Brush in "Black"
Purchased on EBay ( for $2.59 (free shipping)

Red Color for "Blood":                     Sinful Colors "Under 18"

I first applied a base coat, then one coat of the background color.  Next I drew on the black diagonal lines free hand - as it was to be sort of mimic an injury I didn't want it to be perfectly straight.  Allow to dry completely.

I dabbed the red polish in between the line to represent blood/wound.  Allow to dry completely.

Next draw horizontal lines lines over the top of the "wound", allow to dry and it is done!

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