Thursday, February 21, 2013

Redkin's Tips for Hair Color, Cut, Style and Fashion Tips

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

I am posting this to share a short article on Redkin's site by celebrity haircolorist Tracey Cunningham and fashion stylists MAC+MIR that give you quick tips for hair color, cut, style and fashion tips based on your face shape by picking which of the six shapes shown that best reflect your face shape.

As trying to do the the picture in the mirror thing to show mine made me realize I need to clean off the area around the sink as there isn't a square inch of counter top to be seen I instead pulled an older picture back from my bleached blond days at Cedar Point (an amusement park) that best shows I am an "Inverted Triangle"

It advised having it darker at the temples and lighter from the chin on down and having fullness around the jawline and fashion tips like wearing scarves.  

While we all know that black roots on blond hair are not attractive, I have found since I have gone back to dark hair that retouching the graying roots that are coming in with a shade that is one shade darker than the rest of my hair does seem to make my wide forehead not look quite a wide.

I did notice there was a typo in the "Circle" section under fashion tip where I am sure they meant to say "necklines" and instead typed "snecklines" but it did give me a chuckle imagining what a "sneckline" might be.

For a link to the article on Redkin Click Here

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Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Redkin and have received nothing for this post - just find the article useful

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