Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free "Pictures to Pixil Quilts" Mini Class at Craftsy

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Currently Craftsy is offering a free online mini class called "Pictures to Pixil Quilts" that puts a modern spin on an age old hobby.

I am not a "quilter", but I signed up as it sounded interesting and I might make a wall sized hanging for a modern art look.  It is taught by a photographer that quilts and wanted to make something beside the traditional calico quilt and came up with a method.  To sign up you need to create an account, add it to your basket, check out and you can start watching right away.

Craftsy is a site that has online learning course for all sorts of crafts, many do have a fee, but the rates are about the same as you would pay for a comparable class at your local craft store or community education but with the convenience of being able to watch them on your own schedule.  Another nice feature is they have a 30 second playback button for those times when your kid asks where their socks are and there is also a pause button for when you get up and show them their socks are exactly where you told them they when they claims they can't find them.

The free mini classes they offer are to give you a taste what the online courses are like.   In the past I have signed up for their "Sewing Machine 911" and found out things about my sewing machine that I didn't know before even though I have sewn for years.

To check out their site click here.

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