Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013 (or the 70's revisted)

Source: pantone.com via Kathryn on Pinterest

With New York Fashion Week being last week, has released their top ten color picks for Fall Fashion colors with Emerald being "the" color for this year.

They have a video that explains the this color trend in more detail.

While this might seem new and exciting, have a look at the 1970's color chart for Chevy and GMC Truck Exteriors at the bottom of the page (Source).  

Just because something is "in" style, depending on your own coloring, it might not look good on you.  You can still incorporate it as an accessory, such as belt, bag or shoes, but be careful what you wear near your face.

There is an old book that came out in the 80's called "Color Me Beautiful"  by Carole Jackson which categorizes a person as a Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter based on the undertones in the skin and it does help in picking out shades that do and don't work.  There is a little more about it on Wikipedia, but you can probably find the book at your local library because it was a huge fad back then to find out what "season" you were.

At the time I was in a modeling class and in one of them they had a makeup artist figure out each class member's  "Season".   I  was designated a "Winter" and look best in "jewel" tones.   I didn't think much of it until I tried on a suit in what was close to the "Linden Green" and the sales girl asked if was was feeling alright - when I asked why she said the color in my face seemed drained.  It wasn't the color in my face that was drained, but the color to the suit next to my skin made it look that way.

I guess my point is, wear what you like and if it happens to be on the top ten list, feel free to point that out and that it is currently "in" and you are being trendy.  But if your favorite go-to colors aren't on the list it  doesn't matter...it might be "in" next year.   Pick what you like and wear it with pride.

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