Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Picture I took at my local Target on 4/30/12

Watch out Barbie, there is a new girl in town. 

Mattel started a line in 2010 of "Monster High" Fashion dolls, based on old horror movies and monsters. They are goth and glam with a lot of attitude.  I find them to be a refreshing alternative from blonde-haired, blue-eyed, big bosommed beach going Barbies that I grew up playing with.

I was excited to see they now also have a "Create-A-Monster", that come with parts so you can create your own doll and is for ages 6 and up.

The above kit, which Target was selling for $19.99, has one torso, but two sets of everything else: upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, hands, heads, outfits.  You can create a Vampire or Sea Monster themed doll, or combine any way you want and call the creature whatever you would like.

The only downsides that I see are if you have children under 3 some of the smaller parts could be a choking hazard if not kept out of reach and I think they should also have torsos in the kit so you could create two dolls.

They also have these for sale at for around the same price, along with a Skeleton, Bee and 3-Eyed Girl accessory kits to create even more options for between $10-$10.96.

The above was Create-A-Monster was the only one available at my local store; however, when I looked online here they indicate that Werewolf/Dragon, Witch/Cat Girl and Gargoyle/Vampire should also be available in stores.  

What do you think of these dolls? 

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