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DIY Monster Hoodie in 30 minutes

This is based on this tutorial at Cut Out and Keep by Cuppy Cake Girl  decorating a hoodie using 3 different colors of felt.

See Monster Hoodie! Roar! and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep
Instead of using felt,  I used outdated or damaged clothing I had on hand.  The "teeth" are made from an old pair of white polyester shorts s, the "iris" of the eye from a silk dress and the "pupil" was off of a pair of parachute pants. 

I also changed the eye to look more reptilian and placed farther apart so I could make it look like a "normal" hoodie with the hood down and I could tuck the "teeth" inside.

I sewed mine and from cut to finish took a little under half hour, but it could be possible to make using a craft glue that works on fabrics and it might take even less time.

Item I used:
-  1 old hoodie
-   Paper and pen
-  3 different colors of felt or fabric
-  Straight Pins
-  Sewing Machine and Thread
-  Sewing Needle
-   Heat N Bond
-   Iron

For my teeth, I drew I folded a piece of paper and cut at an angle to make a triangle on paper 41/2 inches wide and 4 1/4 tall, but if you have drawstring hoodie you might want to make it longer.   I then pinned to the shorts and cut out each one then flipped the pattern upside down next to it (as illustrated in blue in the picture below) and repeated until I had a total of 8 teeth.

For the eye, I folded a piece of paper into quarters and cut off the edges to make somewhat of a semi-circle that was 4 1/2 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches tall

Here is the "eye" unfolded.  I made the "pupil" by folding paper into quarters then cutting a triangle that was wider at the bottom and sharper curve inward toward the top that was 1 1/8 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches tall (pictured on top of the "iris".

I drew the eye and pupil on top of the Heat N Bond and cut out then ironed on to the back for the fabric for the "eye" and "iris"

On the "pupil", peel off the backing, position where you want on the eye and iron on.

Peel the backing off of the "iris", position it on the hood.(you might pin then try on and check first).  Once it looks the way you want on the hoodie, iron it to the hoodie.

To keep the fabric from fraying and secure it to the hoodie,  I zigzagged around the edge of both the "pupil" and "iris" using a sewing machine.

For the "teeth", I had to position the edges behind the string in the hoodie (about an 1 5/8 inches from the edge), pinning four "teeth" on each side, overlapping slightly and stitch into place around 1 1/2 inches from the edge.

I also hand basted the "teeth" along the edge of the hoodie to help keep them in place.

 You now have monster hoodie to wear:)

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