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Attack of the Tanning Bed

When you think of "monsters" I am sure that "tanning bed" isn't the first thing that comes to your mind, but this fad, that became popular in the late '80's, from time to time it has been somewhat of a "monster" in pop culture.

In the late '90 those "friend of a friend" emails started circulating via emails, now called "Brown Betty" urban myths, where a female, usually tanning for a special occasion,  ignores safety warning at the tanning salons and "overbakes (For detailed stories, visit Snopes here). 

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

In the 2006 horror flick "Final Destination 3"  best friends Ashley and Ashlynn just want to banish their blues and make the skin tan after witnessing classmates die after being hurled off a runaway rollercoaser and look great for graduation, but death's design has another plan for them in the tanning booth.

In this 1986 gem, in the beginning of the movie model Valerie wants to celebrate and look her best for an upcoming Cosmopolitan shoot so she heads to the tanning booth but the lid on the bed is the last cover she sees.

I have not seen this 1989 movie, but Rare Horror Movies, which has the movie for sale indicates:

"Death Spa is like a series of outrageous death scenes set in a chi-chi health club which is haunted by the murderous spectre of its owner's late wife (who, of course,  was burned to death). First taking control of the club's computer-controlled circuitry, the killer ghost then decides to possess her gay brother, who begins parading around in sis's clothes and continuing her devilish deeds."


An then their are the real-life victims of the tanning booth, that have been brainwashed don't even realize they have been attacked and damaged:

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest
 - (This site is devoted to pictures of Bad Tans)

Skin cancer can be the scariest monster of all, as it sneaks up on you over a long period of time "A Death by Suntan at 26" is true.  It is an article that appeared in where Cosmopolitan magazine about Glenna Kohl, who tanned for years in the sun and in tanning booths developed melanona while in college and died at at 26. 

For more information on skin cancer signs, prevention and stories visit

Be sure to wear your sunscreen this summer!

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