Monday, June 7, 2010

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

Cost for Chanel Sunglasses $2,200 -  DIY'ed for under $4.

These were inspired by Chanel Sunglasses here which retail for $2,200 which they tout as being seen on Lady GaGa. 

They had something similar at Afaze, Chain Link Sunglasses,but with shipping and handling would have ended up being over $10, so instead I decided to make a trip to the dollar store and the craft store and DIY my own.

 Items used:
  • Black sunglasses
  • 6-12 inches Jewelry Chain
  • Amazing Goop or other strong, clear, glue
  • 12 inches of 1/8 inch wide black ribbon (satin or leather) - optional
  • Clothespins (optional)

Make sure the chain is not to wide for the top of the glasses, if so, find a skinnier chain.  If you are going to use a ribbon, thread it back and forth through the chain then glue it down on the ends.  Apply glue to the top of the sunglasses.

Apply a thin line of glue on the top edge of the sunglasses and on the back side of the chain.  Let it set for a minute then put the chain on the glasses and allow it to dry.   If you are worried about the chain slipping, use clothespins to hold the chain in place until it dries (but be careful not to use it in an area where the glue is coming through the chain). 

I only applied a chain to the front, but if you want it to look more authentic, glue pieces of the chain to each side of the glasses.  

Wear with pride knowing you are either stepping out in style.


  1. This totally rocks! Thanks for visiting my blog Kathryn :)

  2. I really like this version of the stylish sunglasses. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you get to try out my tutorial.

    -Amber Randell

  3. very nice DIY.

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  4. Woah!!!! $2200 is a tonne of money for sunglasses, even if they are Chanel! Brilliant job :)

  5. I remember seeing these sunglasses when they first came out and thinking, "What a great DIY project!" You've outdone yourself - they look great:-)
    Thanks for linking up!