Monday, May 31, 2010


Rusted garage sale $10 goody refurbished in present for Dad for Father's Day.

My son saw these car ramps at a garage sale for $10 that were a little rusty, but otherwise good shape and decided he wanted to get them and fix them up for his Dad - they had priced out new ones and they were around $60. 

Items used:
2 Rusted but good shape Car Ramps
1 Grinder
2 Cans Red Spray Paint
Newpaper or cardboard (not used, but he should have)

If there had just been a little rust, he could have gotten by using steel wool or a wire brush and he started out just trying to paint over it - if you look at the top of the ramp on the above picture you can see how terrible that looked.  He then dug out his grinder to grind off the rust.

If you don't have one, you might ask around to see about borrowing one from someone that has one.   Carefully grind off the rust so you have a smooth surface.

Put down newspapers or cardboard underneath the ramps, otherwise you will end up with painted grass and sidewalk like we now have.   Spray with one coat and allow to dry completely, then spray with another coat and allow it to dry and it will look like near new when you are done.

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